You Wanted To Know ... What is April Fool's Day?

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There are many possibilities, here are three of them:

Originally, New Year's Day was April 1. Later, when the Church changed the calendar, they also changed the date for the first of the year. However, some people continued using April 1 as the date of the new year. These people were referred to as "April Fools" 

OR In the early Roman calendar, April 1 was the first day of spring, the spring equinox, and before 154 B.C. it was New Years Day. Many celebrations of many cultures observed this day as the coming of the renewal of the earth and life. There would be sacrifices and gifts given to the gods. When the Christians came into power in the Roman empire, they created a celebration we call Easter that replaced the spring rituals. The old celebrations were ridiculed and made fun of. And people who observed these celebrations were persecuted. This was a chance to make fun of those who do not follow the correct beliefs. This is were we get April Fools Day, where we can make anyone feel foolish. 

OR in 1564, King Charles IX decreed that with the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, New Year's be moved to January 1 from what was April 1 and those that celebrated the Old New Year's Day on April 1 were Fools. 

North Americans play on this day with pranks and practical jokes. Springing tricks on family and friends, then shouting out "April Fools!" to the astonishment of the victim.

In France today, April first is called "Poisson d'Avril." French children fool their friends by taping a paper fish to their friends' backs. When the "young fool" discovers this trick, the prankster yells "Poisson d’Avril!" (April Fish!)

Some practical jokes are kept up the whole day before the victim realizes what has happened to them. Most April Fool jokes are in good fun and not meant to harm anyone. The most clever April Fool joke is the one where everyone laughs, especially the person upon whom the joke is played.

Some popular pranks:

Replacing salt in the sugar bowl at breakfast. 
Attaching a small piece of tape to the mouseball so it does not work. 
Setting the alarm clock ahead one hour and allowing the victim to think they have slept in. 
Beware! Many websites are plotting, even now, to hoax you. Check out the links on the right side. And here is something to share with your family and friends. 
Computer pranks are the best in this day and age! Check out Robrob8's Free Computer Pranks and be the Prankster this time around!

Mark tells me that he did this: A few years back, on April fools day, the sink in our house had a separate spray nozzle. I put a rubber band around the button that turned it on, and aimed it toward where someone would stand to use the sink. Pretty soon after, my mom was soaking wet!

Gregg says "Use print screen to take a snapshot of the desktop, go into paint and save the snapshot. Make the snapshot the background and hide all the icons & move start bar to top or side (and hide it) then watch your victim click on all the icons ... "

Cindy P., says "on April fools I sewed my husbands fly shut on his underwear. Another year when I made my husbands sandwich for work I left the slice of cheese on the wrapper and then after I put the mayo on the bread I put tooth floss in with it."
Hey Cindy, thanks for the pranks info... your poor husband, I feel sorry for the guy. Robrob8 has had one of those cheese slice still wrapped sandwiches, but the dental floss thing makes me gag just thinking about it. UGH!

Paul writes in: Tell someone that they have a little sticker on there back saying "Kick me" or "I'm gay", or something like that. When you have done that they will keep looking on there back and trying to get the sticker off. It is f***ng hilarious.

Pranks sent in by Damien:
1. have a water pitcher filled with water, or what ever you want. any place a small piece of scotch tape over the spout. make sure its only one piece, because if you overlap it, it will be more visible.
result: when the user pours up a glass of water, they will spill it
chances: 90% depending on how you place the tape.

2. place stretch and seal over a door way, from top to bottom. You might need to use tape to keep it on better. make sure there are no wrinkles in it. remove wrinkles by pulling it the stretch and seal tighter. do NOT overlap the stretch and seal, overlapping will make it more visible. turn off the lights so there will be no glares of light on it. (best done in night) and make sure your on one side of the stretch and seal, and your victim is on the other. when this is all done, scream for help, and make it sound serious. when you FRIEND, comes running in, he will bring up in the stretch and seal. this was one hilarious prank. Just picture this! lol, you should see there faces when they brings up.

Send me a message about how you celebrated April Fools Day and the pranks that you played from the
form on this page. Thanks. 

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