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Q: Did you ever wonder what Pringles potato chips were made of?

A: Known to most people, Pringles potato chips are made from dehydrated and flaked potatoes. Unknown to most is the source of these potato flakes.

Have you ever wondered what McDonald's does with their left-over french fries?

In most areas of the world local health regulations require that food cannot sit under a heat lamp for more than 16 minutes before it is deemed inconsumable by the public. It is at this time interval that one of the largest suppliers of fast food for the world supplies one of the largest manufacturers of potato chips their base ingredient. McDonald's carefully collects unserved french fries and places them into specially created dehydrators. The remains are then flaked and placed into airtight containers which are then shipped to Pringles factories all over the world.

Don't believe me? Check out this excerpt from the Pringles website:

How are Pringles made? 
We're glad you noticed that Pringles are shaped differently and taste different. While Pringles contain the same basic ingredients found in other chip products, we take a totally radical approach to the way we mix our ingredients. We buy potatoes in the form of potato flakes and then add just enough water and other wholesome ingredients to make a smooth potato dough. The dough is cut in uniform shapes and these cut-outs are placed on pre-formed and Pringles-shaped carriers. The crisps are quick-fried and seasoned just right. Finally, they go to the stack-packer and then on to your favorite store. 

http://www.pringles.com/qa.shtml (Sorry, it's an old link, it doesn't work anymore ... try this one) is where this excerpt comes from. Click on the link and read it for yourself.


The people at Pringles have written Robrob8 an email (July 11 2001) expressing their concern in having the truth made known about the manufacture of their potato chips. You can read it here.

ABC News followed up this story (or rather copied it from my site) on July 6 2008 on this page. They have since changed their news report but thanks to BART, I have below a screenshot of the story:

News story about Pringles Potato Chips as reported...


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