Combo Number Five Song Parody

We are getting a little musical now with this great Flash movie/song. Yes you need Macromedia Flash for this one!

If you are familiar with the song Mambo Number 5, you'll know this tune.

But the one you are about to download, or are already downloading, is about Chinese Food and Combo Number 5.

Every time I watch this one, I cannot get the song out of my head! If anyone wants to take the time and write down the lyrics, Robrob8 and John will be very grateful. I'll post them here with your name if you are the first person to send them in. You'll be very famous then, won't you? Watch for the broccoli!


To EXIT click on FILE > EXIT, but just watch it through, you'll love it!

SPECIALNOTE: Once "unzipped" your computer may not know how to open this file and instead open an "Open With?" dialogue box. If this happens, scroll down the list and select "Internet Explorer" as the program to open this file. Then you'll have No Problem watching this parody. If you still have problems, you can see it here, but you'll have to wait a while as it downloads!

Thanks to Kurt R. for showing me this one!

This song parody is:
Combo #5
Written by David Brody
Z100 New York
Copyright 1999

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