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This is really not a prank, but it's a damn fine song. I would have listed it under "movies" but there is only one picture and it doesn't move. It is a song parody, however.

It's all about Chinese food and the stuff that's in it. (Or may be in it!)

You'll play this one over and over.

If you want to share this one with your friends, and you will, it's too big to send through most email programs, so use the "Recommend This Page" link to send them here to download it for themselves.


If anyone knows the name of the song and artist that this is knocked off from, please email me! Thanks! (Some guy named D.Walls tells me that Harry Chapin had a song that was the original tune for this, just the lyrics have been changed. Is this true?)

Kathlein emailed Robrob8 and said "the tune is Harry Chapin's: 'Cat in the Cradle' originally from 'Verities and Balderdash' (1974)". Thanks Kathlein! Buy It Here!

This is an executable player file, virus free of course, so you you won't need anything special to play it.

To EXIT, just click on the EXIT in the bottom right corner.

To Begin Download CLICK HERE

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