Free Christmas Holiday Files

Great free downloads to make your Christmas even more fun!

In case you're wondering, the "X" in Xmas is actually the Greek letter "Chi" which is the first letter of the Greek spelling of Christ. It's a short hand version of the word "Christmas."

  • Norad Santa - This first one isn't a download, but a web site where you can follow Santa's path as he travels around the world and visits all the lucky children and bringing them presents. A great way to spend Christmas Eve when you have small children.
    Elf Bowling - A great way to waste time waiting to open your presents or to play with friends when they stop by! One of the all-time favorite downloads anywhere! Your friends will appreciate you passing this Christmas bowling game on to them. Once you have started the game, start the bowling ball going down the lane by clicking with your mouse and aiming using the flashing yellow triangle. You don't get extra points for hitting the rabbit or dear, but it is possible. And fun too! NOTE: The virus scare concerning this game was one of the biggest hoaxes on the internet. No one knows who started it, but it cost the developers of this particular game a lot of money defending the fact that it is virus-free. And you can trust me to tell you the same. There is NO VIRUS here, or any other download available at
  • Desktop Snow Scene - A a touch of Christmas to your desktop. You'll like this one! WinSnow98 is a fun little program that adds pine trees and falling snow to your desktop.  Change your desktop background settings to a dark color to see the effects best. When installed, WinSnow98 adds an icon to your taskbar so you can add trees, add more snow and even change the wind direction! This program is best saved on your desktop so you can find it easily and start it whenever you want. Get into the holiday spirit with this free download! It's important to remember that snow is white (duh!) and if you have a light background on your desktop, then you'll only see the snowflakes as the drift over dark icons. Change your desktop settings to a dark background color and you will see this awesome effect better! To EXIT, click on the Taskbar Icon for WinSnow98 and select EXIT
  • Desktop Fireplace - If you don't have a fireplace, well, download this and you will! Hang your stockings with care, the flames are real! You'll have to have "Active Desktop" enabled so you can watch the flames flicker. If you saved the download to your desktop, just UNZIP it and save it again to your desktop so you can find it easily. Just right-click on your desktop and make sure that Active Desktop is checked. Select > Properties > Background and browse to find the "fireani.gif" image on your desktop or where ever you saved the unzipped image, then click OK. And Enjoy! And maybe try this one too?!
  • It's A Wonderful Life - The classic movie re-enacted by bunnies!
  • Rudolph - Ever wondered about his flying abilities? This short movie will explain them to you. Rudolph flies around and runs into trouble at Christmas time.
  • Frosty The Snowman - This is what happens when Frosty meets the love of his life! Or is it just a moment of lust? You decide. This download has adult content!
  • Pac-Man Christmas Edition - Play this great, fabulously popular video game, now with a Christmas theme.
  • Christmas Lights - Another great decoration for your desktop! I cannot make a screenshot of this nifty little program, so I will attempt to describe it for you. Once started (Click on the Christmaslights2004.exe file to start it), an icon appears in your taskbar and traditional Christmas Lights will appear on the left, top and right sides of your screen. Red and green, flashing attractively, this is the perfect desktop program to dress up your working space. Works really well with our Desktop Fireplace too! Sorry, no screenshot available. To EXIT, just move your mouse over the Christmas Lights Icon in the taskbar and click on it. To uninstall this nifty program, just delete the Christmas2004.exe file, from wherever you put it. Please remember these instructions, bookmark this page, tell your friends and enjoy this program!
    Coca-Cola Ski Bear Screensaver - Something special as a screensaver for you! Great for Christmas time! It's innocent enough, and kind of cute. Features the Coca-Cola bear riding a sleigh across your desktop.
    Santa - We all want to know who he really is, maybe here you'll find out! A kind of cute, maybe strange little program for you to download and share. Who is Santa anyways? I never to seem to get what I want! Unless, rocks are good for something other than breaking windows.
  • Snow Dome - A desktop shaker with a twist (for the guys). Everyone is familiar with the "snow domes" that you shake to start the snow falling. This is one for your computer with a Christmas Theme. I like it and so will you. No nudity involved, but it may not be suitable for young children. That's all I'm gonna tell you, so don't ask for more.
    Christmas Guy - A self-opening present for the girls! Start the program. Watch the present open. Out pops a handsome guy (no it's not Robrob8, but it could've been. I was bust the day of the casting call!) This one is for the girls. Share it with all that you know!
    Alien Christmas - What evil can befall us from outer space? Add some Christmas Cheer to your desktop with this free angel download today! Just download and open this file and you'll find an angel, pretty in white robe and halo, floating around your screen. You can place your mouse over the angel and place her in different areas of your desktop. No music plays with this one, just a calm and serene image of one angel on your computer screen! Enjoy! Desktop Angel - Download a free one for your computer screen.
  • A Small Desktop Fireplace - Smaller than the original, but has some fun settings too! Desktop Fireplace is a animated image of a wood burning fireplace that you can add to your desktop. If you saved the download to your desktop, just UNZIP it and save it again to your desktop so you can find it easily. Once opened you can set how the fire burns and make a couple of other changes to the fireplace settings.
    Santa Dances - To all kinds of music, download it now! Santa likes to dance! All kinds of music, all kinds of two-step styles. This is one that you will definitely have to share with your family and friends. Once started, you can select the music that Santa dances to and watch the special effects in the background. Great fun!
  • Naughty or Nice
  • Tech Toyland Christmas Game
  • Present Opening - Did you know you could do this online?
  • Decorating - This Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Card - This is the world's most favorite Christmas Card to share with people you know.
  • White Trash Christmas - Favorite song parody for you.
  • Christmas Diseases - Not for the weak!
  • White Cat Christmas - Some people have a very strange sense of humor, God love'em.
  • Merry Christmas - Click a deer for holiday cheer
  • Snowdog Christmas Card - Another great creation by Jacquie Lawson
  • Christmas Grinch Gooey Face Game - Can you make the Grinch smile?