Pussy Cat Song - a Rude/Crude Song

This is a Rude & Crude specialty song about a girl and her pussy.


I am quite sure, I think....

January 15 2003 - Update: Robrob8 received an email from Connie Vannett herself! She is indeed the artist that sings the song, as the picture below will testify.

This is what Connie said to Robrob8:
Hi...A friend sent me a link to your site. My name is Connie Vannett Skidmore. I wrote and recorded "The Pussycat Song" Many years ago. Over the years it has popped up and surprised me. The biggest surprise I had was hearing it performed on an HBO special called "Dragtime". It was produced by Johnny Dollar in Nashville. Jay Gilday from Hollywood,FL. got hold of it ...gave me a hundred dollar advance and that's the last I ever heard from him. I know others have recorded it and I have always wished them better luck with it than I've had. I was disappointed to see he had taken the writers credits on the HBO thing. (Jay Gilday) I live in the Smoky Mountains of NC now and love it here. Was nice to see my song on your site.

Thank You .....
Connie Vannett

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