Mouse Run

Mouse Run is one of the best pranks that I’ve seen. It was written specially for Robrob8, back a couple of years ago when I still had a site at what used to be (now overtaken by, Dave – thanks for this one!

Nice and small in size but big in scare factoring, once started MouseRun uses all your computer’s CPU power which makes it look like your computer has locked up (or even died!) unless you are moving the mouse around. You move the mouse, the computer works – the mouse stops moving, so does the computer…..
very scary!!

This really freaks people out! You’ll have a lot of fun with this one. If you need a DLL file
(vbrun300.dll) to make this prank work on your computer.


To EXIT just move the mouse into the top left of the screen 3 times or give it the 3-finder salute:
Press at the same time "CTRL" and "ALT" and "DELETE" and in the CLOSE PROGRAM WINDOW highlight MOUSERUN and click on END TASK

Please remember these instructions and STOP emailing me when you can’t get this program to STOP!

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