Hide Your Icons Prank

HIDE is a great program to have around if you share your computer with others.

When you start it, you have a choice to make, Un-Hide or Hide your desktop icons.

When you click on your choice, you then want to minimize it and send it to your taskbar. You can also click on the X and close it.

That is meaner.

Unless the next user of the computer can find it and start it again to Un-Hide the desktop icons, they’ll never know where they went.

But be cautioned, if you close it with the icons hidden, you’ll have to restart it to Un-Hide them.

Or you’ll never see them again!

You have been warned!

To EXIT click on the X in the top right corner, but ONLY after you have Un-Hidden the icons, or you’ll have to start HIDE again.
(Actual Program Name = Casper.exe)

Thanks to Daniel Bennet

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