Chicken Chopper

Do you know people that bite the heads off chickens for fun and enjoyment? If you do, this is the game you should send to them, or at the very least, recommend this page to them so they can download the game themselves.

– the game –

Once started, you will use the cursor arrow keys to move left, right and jump up at the chickens….
use the space bar to bite them and make the poor little chickens disappear..

Have fun with this chicken killer game, but you may want to turn the sound down, the game music is rather awful.
The screenshot has the play instructions for you, if you can read them, or click on help once you have opened the downloaded file.
JUMP= up/left/right cursor keys
PUNCH= control
KICK= shift
BITE= space bar

To EXIT press your SPACE BAR and follow the instructions from there. The website mentioned for this game no longer exists, just thought that you should know.

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