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This is the request area for the many responses to the question
"Who Would You Like Most To Kiss Your Ass?"*
Your name isn't on the list, is it?
Robrob8 is too lazy to do more than make sure one person out of 7 billion can't be identified. But you can tell Robrob8 has way too much time on his hands! Spelling mistakes are by the authors, not Robrob8.*
[Robrob8's notes are inside the square brackets]

Tell Robrob8 About The Person You'd Most Like To Kiss Your Ass:

Instructions, Please read before posting:

You can submit as often as you like, successful submissions will show immediately after you pass the security test. If you end up on a page that says "Logged" then you've not followed the directions and you will have to remember to come back to www.robrob8.com. Good luck!

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Ass Kisser: David T
Reason: because he shagged me and didnt even say thanks for the really good dam shag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ass Kisser: Lilian
Reason: Because she was a lousy therapist and let her clients down!

Ass Kisser: Cory F
Reason: Married me and gambled away ALL my money on the net!had to go bankrupt and am losing my home because of this fool!he found out I was losing my job and filed for divorce THREE DAYS LATER!!!!!

Ass Kisser: Shannon
Reason: She is a liar and a lazy thief. Takes the work and words of others and tries to pass them off as her own. Kiss my ass and live you own life instead of pretending to live the lives of others!!!

Ass Kisser: James A
Reason: coz he is my best friend and i think he needs to kiss my a$$ i would luv it

Ass Kisser: troy
Reason: cause he is my best friend and is the biggest butthole in the world

Ass Kisser: buster
Reason: he leaves me all the time and trys to come back after a couple weeks and i want him to kiss my ass cuz hes a jerk off bitch who thinks hes the shit but really he fits his name just right a BUSTA!

Ass Kisser: Anthony B.
Reason: becuz he's realllllly hot and cute and i luuuuv him

Ass Kisser: Elise
Reason: cause she is hot 4 1 and 2 she is a g00d kisser :P

Ass Kisser: Maddi G
Reason: because she is so hot but I don't think I can ask her out (I love Maddi G)

Ass Kisser: Alan W
Reason: He is an ex boss and he is the biggest dhead I have ever work for.

Ass Kisser: Dalton
Reason: he is a real cute he is so sexy.

Ass Kisser: Katherine
Reason: Because she was very rude to me the other day

Ass Kisser: My neighbor Howard
Reason: Because no one elected him the god of the neighborhood, although he thinks he is!
>From all of the neighborhood kids, kiss it Howard!

Ass Kisser: Chad
Reason: ----ed my best friend less than a week before my marriage to him in my bed and then broke up with me for her!!!!!! I need this!!!!

Ass Kisser: Edwin T
Reason: because he told my best friend that he broke up with me and when i see your ugly nasty ass i going to kiss it bye bitch

Ass Kisser: Tina H
Reason: Because she left her poor handicap daughter in Ohio to shack up with a guy in Georgia that wont even marry her skanky butt!

Ass Kisser: my brother
Reason: for always leaving the toilet seat up and eating all the good shit in the fridge

Ass Kisser: Everyone
Reason: Because....idk. I just felt like participating in this rediculous thing.

Ass Kisser: Andrea
Reason: She dumped me for a little lowlife scum

Ass Kisser: Jasmen, Kristine And Agnes
Reason: They betray me and my cousin Laura and try to turn them against me!!!

Ass Kisser: Melba
Reason: for getting me freaked out because of another prank

Ass Kisser: jessica
Reason: she kissed every thing else

AssKisser: jamie and his mum
Reason: cuz j ent neva botherded seein his son EVA n they live in the same town and cuz his mums a lardass who luks like uncle fester wiv a pony

Ass Kisser: batista
Reason: because he is on drugs and i want to see him get embarrassed

Ass Kisser: david n
Reason: cause he is a weak werido who loves this website and i would love to see the expression on his face

Ass Kisser: Zia
Reason: cause she's my gf

Ass Kisser: My dad
Reason: He is always an ass to me and I think he lives to be mean!!

Ass Kisser: Hughie
Reason: For being a "No-Good" bully to everyone you meet. Kiss my ass.

Ass Kisser: Ryan C
Reason: I have put up with his shit for to damn long. It's time he paid me back.

Ass Kisser: James D
Reason: Because he is one of the people who thinks he is better than everyone else, ad with one punch i could sort him out but he hides behind all his chav mates,

Ass Kisser: Natalie
Reason: Because I love her. ;)

Ass Kisser: John r
Reason: just because

Ass Kisser: mike
Reason: because he's a dumb ass

Ass Kisser: dad and (NEW) step mom
Reason: there r so controlling and they should kiss my ass coz i hate them

Ass Kisser: my parents
Reason: because they can't get off there lazy ass and do the things that need to be done instead of making me and my sisters doing them

Ass Kisser: Ryan A
Reason: because even though i like you u have no right to ask me out then stand me up go to the mall wth my brother or try to undress me when i am going out with z... you bastard

Ass Kisser: My horrible Ex
Reason: He is such a FAKE! he should burn in hell for making my life messy and for thinking he could get me back anytime after f--king me around!...Dumbass you are weird!!

Ass Kisser: georgia
Reason: She screwed the neighbors dog an got caught.. yuck -poor dog

Ass Kisser: Christian
Reason: just because

Ass Kisser: Adriel M
Reason: Cause he's a dickhead! That's reason enough ain't it? 4real he should kiss my ass cause he left his daughter 3 yrs & 1 month ago & hasn't been back to see her. Now that's an ass!

Ass Kisser: Katie
Reason: She cheated on me with my best friend behind my back and then had the nerve to suck up to me and get me back. Fuck you and kiss my ass bitch!

Ass Kisser: My ex Peter
Reason: Because i had 3 kids with him and he never willingly paid apenny in child support

Ass Kisser: Matty C------
Reason: He broke up with me because his mommy didn't like that I had been married before! What a Biatch!

Ass Kisser: My lil Bro
Reason: He thinks hi's soooo smart, but he can KISS MY ASS on that!

Ass Kisser: Everyone I know
Reason: They all make me angry in one way or another...especially the guys, they think they can get away with anything! well not anymore! no more miss nice girl!

Ass Kisser: monica n
Reason: cause she wont leave my husband alone. Get a clue your the ex-girlfriend I am the wife. lol... wake up call. Please answer it.

Ass Kisser: Wives who hate the Hubby's GF
Reason: Clue by 4 time honey- if *he* wasn't chasin' her , he'd be chasin some other skirt - she's may be dumb for f****** your hubby- but YOU married the slut-boy,lol !

Ass Kisser: Jay
Reason: Because I am so sick of sitting around waiting for him to fit 20 minutes into his schedule to spend some time with me his freaking fiancée. I want a life besides sitting around pining for him.

Ass Kisser: robyn
Reason: because she is just pure evil to me and my friends

Ass Kisser: Gerardo
Reason: He dump me 3/16/06 in p.s11 i was in the 7th grade and he was in the 8th

Ass Kisser: Michael
Reason: Because he is the sexiest person alive!

Ass Kisser: Caroline
Reason: Because she is soo HOt

Ass Kisser: AMANI
Reason: Because this guy didnt even like me he only went out with me because i was a good kisser what an ASSHOLE!!!

Ass Kisser: Gunther
Reason: He is my boss

Ass Kisser: Matthew B
Reason: He stole MY jeans!!

Ass Kisser: my husband jon
Reason: he is a promise breaker, he said he would stop smoking, he said he would stop leaving his cloths on the floor. i still love him, but he is a dumbass sometimes.

Ass Kisser: my boo
Reason: she is the best boo ever

Ass Kisser: Toni
Reason: she slept with my best friends boyfriend

Ass Kisser: Aleta
Reason: Because she doesnt fucing ever shut her mouth. she should kiss my ass and go fuc herself shedget more d-ck. Sucks to be u bitch

Ass Kisser: Amber V
Reason: She was drunk one night and hit our mom.

Ass Kisser: Alicia
Reason: because i think she is a stupid ass bitch and i don't care that i didn't spell her name right beeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaach!!!!

Ass Kisser: The Queen
Reason: Cause it woulod be funny

I would like to tell Mervakaveli's Karma to kiss my ass because he takes rejection like a bitch!

Ass Kisser: tiah
Reason: she should pucker up because she knew I like this boy and she went with her anyway

Name: mariah
reason: she told me to fu** off that bi**h how dare she.

Name: sara a
reason: she bosses me around like i'm her servant bit*h


Who: JOEY A------

Person: Everyone on this page

To : my mother
reason : She is making my life like an Awful nightmare, everytime she calls my name , i am sure there's a disaster in the way to happen to me .......

To my Boyfriend of 2 years who is seeing chicks online because he claims I am getting chubby, I am pregnant you ass remember it was a mutual decision. My ex-husband, who to this day continues to fuck up my credit by being 4 months behind on his truck and having the house foreclosed on because his whore of the week spent his mommy's money. To my sister for walking out on her 6 week old who is now 3 so she can get laid. To everyone who pisses me off daily because they can.

To my mother in law that wants my husband to be with his ex girlfriend because the slut spread her legs and had a child, to my sister in laws because they smile to my face and talk about me behind my back, to my step dad because he is mean to my mom, to my husband because he has more girlfriends than a priest has nuns and to his ex's cop boyfriend that follows my car around like some sort of freak, happy f%!*ing Holidays!

Name: everyone on this page
Reason: because you all have been beaten, raped, cursed at, lost a significant other, or some dumb shit, and no one wants to kiss your ass because you play your shit off as a damn crutch....well kiss my ass all of you because your all dumb for thinking anyone cares enough to kiss your ass and if you really mean it say it to their face not on some damn site they will never see...... [Harsh, eh?]

Name: Cherry Point Stables - Suffolk, VA
Reason: They are dog killers!

Name: aaron
Reason: telling lies to my girl and breaking us up

Name: Sarah H
Reason: Because you got a job... and I don't!

Name: Joseph
Reason: He calls me a fag everyday and he toilet papered my house. He lit my moms favorite tree on fire and i want to get him back

Name: liam t
Reason: because he is always looking at my ass

Name: dayne
Reason: he is a mole

Name: Maria F
Reason: She attacked me and I am mad now

Name: Robert
Reason: Because he is always too busy to talk on the phone with me. He only looks at pretends to listen when we go out and doesn't even touch my hand. His friends are more important than I am. This guy has no time for me, but I take time out of my Ivy-League education to call his lame ass. This guy is unclear about his feelings and treats me like a child. On top of it, he drives drunk and lies about returning my calls. I care about this guy but he has got to get rid of his time barrier and realize that I am important and worthy of his time. If he does not then he could kiss my ass!

Name: Tracey H
Reason: Coz shes always up my ass anyway!! and when i get something done..like a tattoo or piercing she gets the same!! its unbelievable, so she can kiss my ass!!!!! hehe

Name: Calvin
Reason: Couse his hair looks better then mine wen it was long!

Name: Alex
Reason: Because he is an asshole and he has wasted 2 years of my life by constantly picking me up and dropping me.

Name: the guy i like
Reason: he told me that he liked me and we would hang out, then he frikin ditched me, then he told me that he wanted my frikin sister...shes fuking 13 dickwad. get a goddamned life

Name: Roger Ebert
Reason: He Sucks At Reviewing Movies

Name: Me
Reason: Because I can't get anyone else to do it for me.

Name: andrew
Reason: because he says that no1 likes me, he is sooo f--king GAY!!!

Name: Gerard
Reason: He's an arshole

Name: my dad
Reason: cuz he takes drugs an beats me my sisiters an my mom

Name: nicole
Reason: she is a boyfriend stealer, a dirty lil hoe, plays guys, and needs to tie a boalder to her feet and have someone drop her in the bottom of the atlantic ocean! ugh, she discusts me!!!!!

Name: Amber
Reason: b/c she is messing with my best friends head. She keeps cheating on him and if she doesn't stop she's really gonna kiss my ass. NO Lie!

Name: Sammy H
Reason: Sammy H is in his mid 30's, is a pizza boy, need I say more, yes, he walks around naked when he's drunk;keep ur clothes on dude, nobody wants to see ur wang. Kiss my grits bitch, I'M PAID! HAHAHAHA

Name: Stephanie H
Reason: Trying to steal my husband

Name: Emily
Reason: shes fit

Name: Sammy H
Reason: He is evil

Name: Josh H
Reason: HE slept with my guy

Name: DeAnn
Reason: cuz u ugly and wont leave me alone

Name: Lefty
Reason: Cause he is a jerk, that was suppose to be a good friend. Whatever did it to me. So LEFTY KISS MY ASS.

Name: Marshall
Reason: He tried to hook up with a girl on line ..little did he know it was my friend and she sent me all the proof! Did I mention he was my fiance and he was actually talking to me on line at the same time.

Name: Michael D
Reason: he's an asshole and should not be tolerated

Name: michelle b
Reason: she left me with a lot of debt but i got over it and now shes paying hehe kiss my ass

Name: corey feldman
Reason: he rocks

Name: Caitlin
Reason: She kiks ass in soft ball

Name: nick
Reason: because his mother thinks she is better than me and he is always defending her, like he agrees with her or something. The b***h can go to he**!!

Name: Brad Pitt
Reason: As he is an idiot

Name: BRIAN C***
Reason: because i was there for him when he almost died but then he fell for another girl! Even after that he called me a bitch!

Name: Richard A
Reason: Because he hurt me so badly and he kissed my best friend

Name: De'Anna
Reason: because the bitch broke my heart after being together for a year and 3 months

Name: Joshua N
Reason: For bloddy well bein a dumbass and pranking us all!! and for spitting popcorn that was chewed out of his mouth at us!

Name: dave
Reason: he is a twat but i nlove him

Name: Larry
Reason: He insults my children. He won't stop. Kiss my ass!

Name: Amy B
Reason: That b***h put me in because she thinks im hot and she would like to get close to me

Name: enid c
Reason: she's my mother in law and thinks she's a cut above!

Name: Mitchell
Reason: He is a sad person that got dumpted by Georgia for me

Name: Georgia
Reason: I want to throw food at her

Name: Angus k
Reason: he has a funny eye and talks weird

Name: Mitch G
Reason: he is a tight ass wanker

Name: Alex
Reason: he's mean

Name: ben
Reason: he's such a jerk!

Name: jake b,(my xboyfriend)
Reason: he's a loser and is soo gay

Name: ricky r
Reason: cause he is sooo cocky and smart mouthed and he is never ever wrong

Name: Russell
Reason: Because he's a spinless snake and a gutless pig!!

Name: Brennly
Reason: For Calling me Billy Bo-Bob-Sain-John-Lewie-Batone

Name: Kolie
Reason: Because you run your mouth too much and you can never back up what you say and because you're always trying to be cool but you dont realize that nobody likes you. BITCH!!!

Name: B.J.
Reason: He gets everything handed to him on a silver platter and he doesn't appreciate it and all he does is say he is better than me.

Name: kris
Reason: because i love him

Name: Lizzy
Reason: Because you're a bitch who is an awful ANNOYING person, there, I said it...

Name: Jake Roberts
Reason: He dumped me at going out with me for 2 years

Name: Shani
Reason: Because she is mean 2 me

Name: Ville Valo
Reason: hes damn hot

Name: monkey
Reason: cos it wont let me slap it

Name: The Exam People
Reason: If they don't give me a totally decent Grade for my A Level Exams, which I worked my ass off for. If i dont get a decent grade i FEEL I MAY SLOOOWWWWLY EXPLLLLOOOODE. *pop*

Name: jay
Reason: coz he brakes all my controllers and disk for the gamecube and xbox

Name: Joeseph S
Reason: while we where driving one late night he thought it would be funny to press his foot against the brake pedal and I swerved to the side of the road and hit a backyard brick wall and I totaly recked my car. I was going to get rid of the car anyways but now I can't get any money for it.

Name: Kendra
Reason: for being mean to me

Name: hodan
Reason: prank my irritating brother

Name: Tim
Reason: cause i hate him

Name: George
Reason: cos i asked him out and he said no. I know he fancies me though cos he sent me flowers on valentines day

Name: George
Reason: cos he punches & kicks me 4 no reason & I hate him ,hes a barstard

Name: Abi
Reason: to make me lauph

Name: Hugh D
Reason: for ruining my prank on my ex

Name: Johnny
Reason: Because he borrowed $50 from my boyfriend and I and then lied and said he got arrested for getting in a fight and was sent to prison. (GOOD ONE) Then a week later when my boyfriend confronted him about it he said he wasn't going to pay us back and spit in his face AND threw a chair at him. WHAT A PUNK. To bad my boyfriend is his superior.

Name: Terrance
Reason: for pulling my pants down at church

Name: Frank
Reason: For causing me to go in a deep depression that almost resulted in suicide last year. I'd like to kick his but you selfish bastard

Name: Jennifer
Reason: Stole the only love i had away from me by telling him i was cheating on him

Name: Sabrina
Reason: for breaking my heart!

Name: Rob
Reason: for making me give a reason why someone should kiss my ass...come ON! That's soooo immature!!

Name: corey
Reason: Hes so annoying and is always on my case about stupid that has nothing to do with him he just gets on my nerves

Name: Petar
Reason: Friend Backstaber,jerk, idiot, loser, and just for fun

Name: Martyn N
Reason: Cos he left me lol

Name: matty c
Reason: hes a bouf and he always has to be the best

Name: Ashley
Reason: For trying to fight me over her boyfriend cheating on her with me!

Name: michael
Reason: hes a turkey

Name: fantastic 4
Reason: i want to watch it

Name: latin queen
Reason: for being a bitch!

Name: carly s
Reason: because i fancy the pants off her

Reason:just want ere to!

Name: Transportation Security Administration
Reason: Cause they suck and they are a bunch of panty sniffers

Name: sean g
Reason: he always takes a new msg name and says he wants to go out with me

Name: Seth
Reason: Because he cheated on me and screwed some other girl. And because he is a big asshole

Name: Bubba Pace
Reason: Lied to me on several occasions about idiotic things that shouldn't be lied about. Plus he lies to everyone else about how he doesn't like guys but on his myspace he proclaims with joy that he

Name: Lewis
Reason: He has to many problems and he want everyone to listen to him whine about it but wont fix the problems himself he would rather drag us all down with him so he can KISS MY ASS

Name: abdi
Reason: because i dont like him at all

Name: Jason B
Reason: cause he tried to kill his hamsters

Name: My hampsters snoopy and poopy
Reason: vcause i love them and it would be cool if they kissed my ass

Name: People
Reason: Anyone thats gotta problem wit me

Name: Aryn L
Reason: i love her and i'v saved her hampster because he was nearly eatin by a cat

Name: Josh W, Jason B, Majd Y
Reason: The reason is because they all punched me with brass knuckles and hit me with bats. Then I had to go to the hospital and my parents thought I was the one that started a fight and picked on them because that's what they told my parents. They did not even get in trouble!

Name: rebecca
Reason: cause she spread rumors at my school about me being pregnant!

Name: colton
Reason: cause hes a little bitch!

Name: Kristen
Reason: Flirts with MY man too much rite in front of HER man!

Name: carlos
Reason: he cheated on me , and he stills talks to much s*** *t

Name: allison
Reason: lying and flirting with my guy

Name: brad pitt
Reason: he is so fit and has a massive fan club and i'm no.1

Name: lauren
Reason: i love her but shes annoying

Name: Ms. Tanner A.K.A The Pinesol Lady
Reason: I would like the fat Pinesol lady, Jelly Doughnut eating, and most of all the democratic ball sucker Ms. Fat ass Tanner to leave me and my husband alone in private. She never shuts her damn mouth maybe I should give her a big mac, since she a Mc Fat Ass, She need to go on a Mc Diet and leave us alone. That's all (oh yeah and she can go to hell and kiss my ass on the way down!!!!) have a nice day ; )

Name: Jessica
Reason: She broke up with me and begged me to get back just to brake up with me again, ditched me once for 4 hours and told all my friends that I was not coming

Name: ashliegh 
Reason: cause she sucks up to my ARSE everyday, so why can't she not kiss it now! SUC MY ASS ASHLEIGH. yes it's us ha ha!

Name: Elie C
Reason: trying to steal my boy friend

Name: David Beckham
Reason: because he is buff and i'd like to see the face of victoria beckham when he does

Name: Steph and Jen
Reason: because they keep telling people to kiss their ass, well kiss someone elses for a change!

Name: Matthew
Reason: hes so shy he wont even talk to me

Name: Ava
Reason: She wrote the won about stole my BF and made lies about her... shes a bitch!!! All of that is a lie

Name: to ppl who like rap/hiphop

Name: Ben
Reason: he acts like a jerk

Name: Johnny in NC
Reason: Still being a momma's boy, broke our engagement off, STILL living at home with MOM at 34 years old and NEEDS to GROW UP!!! I was the best thing you ever had, MORON!!!!

Name: Neil L
Reason: Because he is a cheating bastard!!

Name: renee b
Reason: must have been born that way

Name: doug ellis
Reason: he has no idea what he is doing in football

Name: Jason
Reason: he basically outed me to the whole school and laughs bout it..... bastard.

Name: Gerbal
Reason: cuz i love him

Name: Nichole
Reason: because I want to be kissed in the ass and some times I need because use to have girl and we use to do and she break up with and I no to kiss my butt and get love to.

Name: i would like my old teacher
Reason: cuz she is fine and i would like my lips on her smooth ass

Name: Jennifer
Reason: because she is trying to steal my man and she is spreading rumors all over town that they are going out and she is pregnant with his kid.

Name: Ed
Reason: to feel lucky

Name: jake
Reason: being mean to kenan

NAME: Kyle
REASON: cause im hot and hes not

NAME: roy
REASON: he should kiss my ass because he nearly killed me through 15 years of mental and emotional anguish - also, because he thinks he's better than everybody else, AND he's a cop, AND he's a clueless, godless freak!!!!!!

NAME: louie w
REASON: because he thinks he is soo cool when he well isnt an he is a big plonker with a smelly face

NAME: Tavaris R
REASON: Because he is a 29 year old college drop out who leaches off of his mother, lives at home (with no plans to ever leave), a multiple felon, conducts his drug "mole" trafficking out of our house, is jealous of his older brother's accomplishment, is mad at the world. The only things he's good for is making babies and causing problems!

NAME: Robrob8
REASON: Not because I hold any sort of personal vendetta against him just because he is such a complete legend in internet circles that I would be so happy if he kissed my ass that I would die of happiness.

REASON: Allways wanted to know what it feels like

*Identifiable details have been changed so that no one can tell who exactly should kiss your ass by what is posted here, but I know, so your effort is not in vain. If this looks like someone submitted your name as a possible ass kisser, you are wrong, it was someone else's name, I know, because I changed it and now you think it's yours. If you still think that it's you being talked about, please email me, I'd love to make fun of you some more!

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