Bambi Meets Godzilla Short Movie

Bambi Meets Godzilla has been around since 1969. This classic short film has been seen worldwide and now you can watch it to.

This is the complete version, including the surprise ending.

When Robrob8 first say this film short, it was back in the mid 1970's, he was just a wee lad then. But he remembered it and has now made it available to you for your viewing pleasure.

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From 1969, this is one of the greatest short animated videos of all time. Produced, directed, and everything else, by Marv Newland. 

This short film is in .avi format, once unzipped, so you'll need the appropriate player. For some reason or other, Windows media player, at least the latest version, refuses to play this file. What you'll need to do is either have Apple Quicktime the default player, or once you have downloaded this video and unzipped it, right click on the file name bambi.avi and watch it. Enjoy! And oddly enough, this movie sometimes plays, sometimes doesn't. If it doesn't play below, try the download link. I'm working on this issue, honest!

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