Hit The Penguin and Make Him Bleed

Go ahead, hit the freakin' flightless bird.

Hit him hard. Make him bleed all over the freakin' place!

The best I've heard of is about 460 score, if you can do better, grab a screenshot and email it to me, I'll add it like I do with this game here. But please, email me when you beat the highest score shown only. I'm getting way to many screenshots that aren't that high anymore, you've got to beat 1935. The bloodless version of this game is here. And if you like this game, you'll love the "Tree Shooter" game here.

This is a flash thingee, so you need the flash thingee player to do the slapping!

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If you get a great high score, beating the ones on this page, email the screenshot to me and I'll post it on the high score page too!