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Watch to scare someone/ great downloads and suggestions to be found here, recommended by Robrob8

10 April Fools Day Pranks

10 easy April Fools Day pranks you can play on family and friends. Enjoy!

  • Tongue nailed to a piece of wood
  • Bee on your back prank
  • Volleyball prank
  • Fake snake prank
  • Glue on a shoe prank
  • $100 prank
  • Broken nose prank
  • Ownage prank
  • Dude your car prank
  • Keys prank
Burp Prank

Burp Prank

Once downloaded, this icon shown above is what you click on to begin the fun. Be sure to save the program you download to a USB stick so you can easily install in on your victim’s computer. Copy it to their "C-Drive" somewhere, double click it, turn up the volume on their speakers (this prank won’t work if they have NO sound!) AND RUN!!!

To end this one, give it the 3 finger salute and END TASK on the RANDOM BURPER – That will kill it. Of course, if you don’t tell your victim this, they will probably restart their computer and the burping will go away! The problem being, of course, that you could easily place the program in their START-UP FOLDER and it will never go away! Every time they re-start their computer, they re-start this burping program – every minute an entirely new burp! But Robrob8 DID NOT suggest this to you. Remember that!!

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